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QUESTION: I don't know if this is the right place or the right expert to ask. My question is related to electronics, circuit boards, voltage. I have this window fan

i'd like to split or separate and make into a single window fan. Will keep the control panel with switches. Can i simply cut the wires from one fan or there's more to it and not so simple? I imagine the circuit is designed for 2 motors load, but i want only one motor. Thanks.

ANSWER: There is an interesting youtube on the operation of this fan - or at least it looks like the fan jpg you sent - in the following link:

I could not find the service manual or schematic wiring diagrams. However, it is my belief that the circuitry is interconnected between the two fan motors based on the operational aspect as described in the above youtube demonstration.

Therefore, if you tried disconnecting the unwanted motor it might do some damage to the drive circuits.

How about merely removing the fan blades from the unwanted motor shaft? Or, how about increasing the window opening that you are using so the whole fan can be fitted into the casing.

Or, how about purchasing a single blade fan that will suffice your application.

Let me know more if you have further questions.

PS: I believe the following link may be helpful if you don't have it with the fan you have:

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QUESTION: Yes i have the same one as in youtube video. Hate to waste it, it still works. I like to mod things, thought it would be a fun project to do a single fan that i can use in or outside windows and learn something in the process. The motor wires are connected to the board at solder points. Each motor has 6 wires - red, black, grey, orange, blue, brown. Other than red and black i don't know what the rest of wires do according to color. Separating one motor seems easy, but i have no idea what to expect.

There is no way of knowing the purpose of the colored wires without the schematic diagram. G

Since you are an experimentor why don't you clip the wires and see what happens.  It's a low cost fan and is easily replaced.

Single blade fans are also very inexpensive.

For further determination about your question I suggest you inquire directly to the manufacturer.

You might also try other experts at the electrical sections of Allexperts. come.

Good luck.  


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