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Electronics/Meaning of the term Master-Slave in a set of generators


QUESTION: Dear Expert,
In a set of generators, what is the meaning of the term Master-Slave?

ANSWER: Don't  know how advanced you want but refer to the following link, page 4, please:

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QUESTION: Dear Expert,
Thanks a lot for your link, but it doesn´t explain what “Master-Slave” is in a set of generators.
Your link only shows an example but doesn´t explain the concept.
I do not need a particular example; I need an explanation of the concept, something that applies to all set of generators.
Please explain what is the meaning of the term Master-Slave in a set of generators.
Thank you.

I do not know any more than was in the link I sent you.
I am an electronics engineer, not an electrical machinery engineer.
Sorry I cannot help you without doing considerable research to educate myself.
The idea behind Master-Slave is one generator which is locked to the others through a controller which syncs their operation.

May I suggest you try other allexperts in the electrical area?

Perhaps Will at the above link can help you. Best wishes.



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