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Electronics/Oscilloscopes capable of checking diodes, capacitance and resistance?


Oscilloscopes capable of checking diodes, capacitance and resistance?

Dear Expert,

I know that, among other functions, a multimeter can check: diodes, capacitance and resistance.
Are there oscilloscopes capable of checking those functions (IE.: diodes, capacitance and resistance)?

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Yes, of course, if you know what you are doing.  Think of the oscilloscope as an instrument that converts a voltage to a movement of the line on the screen as opposed to the movement of the needle on a VOM.

And, for a conventional oscilloscope it requires and external circuit to activate the device and the oscilloscope aids in seeing what is going on.

And, you can find other ideas by googling around.

There are specific instruments designed around the oscilloscope such as a transistor checker which has built in testing stimuli to excite the transistor under test and display its characteristics on the screen.

We could go on and on with variations of how the oscilloscope becomes the center piece for analysis and characterization of electronic components.

Let me know if you have further thoughts or questions.


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