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Electronics/Wifi power consumption


Dear sir
If device access Ap wifi and calculate the positionwhich AP wifi which is located and access the internet and send its poisition data by eMail by wifi module..(such like GPS system. But not by GPS module)
How much power is needed ? 1mW is enough? Or 100uW is OK?
Aceessing the internet and download the google page and acces the email and send....
As far as I know. Wifi module consume energy depending on the data volume and speed.
If device send its position information by email... How much power or energy is need?  If 1mW is not enough?
Thank you very much

It is impossible to know the power requirements without knowing the complete architecture of the device being used and the internal electronic circuitry.  Power utilization is likely to be mostly dependent upon the microprocessors employed in the device.

Thanks for your question, but no clear answer for you.  Suggest you consult with the manufacturer of your gps or smartphone products.  


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