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Electronics/Integrated Inkjet Printer and Plotter Product.


Dear ZZ

Is it technically feasibleto integrate Inkjet color printer and Color Plotter Product in a single product?

I.E Having both the Functions of a Inkjet color printer and Color Plotter device.


It's just not a great idea.  The function of the printing mechanisms are so totally different that commonality of parts and mechanisms is out of the question.

It is possible that a software package could be designed that would allow some aspects of integrated functionality but I didn't find any types of them anywhere on the Internet.

Further, I don't think the need for such a product is so compelling.  Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive and broadly versatile whilst the plotters are quite expensive and meet quite strict technological hurdles for accuracy and sophistication.  Applications such as CAD/CAM and architectural drawings must handle very large plats of paper whereas inkjet printers can nominally handle only a small range or paper sizes.

It just doesn't make sense to combine or integrate these two totally different products - in my opinion.  


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