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crazy math teacher wrote at 2014-03-02 16:45:15
The previous person is correct, the picture itself is 60 x 60.  The width of the picture frame is 5 cm and, since the picture frame goes all around the picture, you need to add 5 cm on the left and right of the width (so add 10 cm) and add 5 cm to the top and bottom of the length (so add 10 cm).  Therefore, the outside dimensions of the frame are 70 x 70.   The perimeter of the frame is 4(70) = 280

Amb wrote at 2014-04-08 03:49:59
The problem with the previous answer is that the question is not "What is the perimeter of the framed picture?", the question is "What is the perimeter of the picture frame?" (whose only given dimension is 5cm and can magically fit a 60cm wide square picture).  Apparently math textbook writers should employ the assistance of their English textbook colleagues before publishing . . . This is why the majority of us didn't get word problems.

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