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I have been a substitue teacher for the past year, I have an opporunity to be a long term sub at a private school the pay is not nearly as great as I make just subbing, I'm just wondering if I should just continue to sub and get experience with all grade levels or if I should just take this long term sub (2 months as a Kindergarten teacher) I have a Masters Degree (K-6)

Hi Katie.  Thanks for the question about subbing.  You have two opportunities that are both good:  long term sub, or day-by-day sub.  I know that private schools do not pay as well as public schools.  The main thing to understand is what your future plans are.  Are you looking to get into teaching full time?  If so, would you be interested in the private school setting or the private school setting.  Also, do you keep busy every day with the subbing in the public schools?  

If you are looking to get a job in the public schools and you get subbing jobs almost every day, I would suggest sticking with that.  You will gain experience with many different grade levels which employers would probably take into account.  This experience makes you a well-rounded teacher because you have worked in all grade levels.  

If the private school setting is more your thing then you should take the long-term job.  This would especially be nice because the administration will get a chance to know you quite well, and you will be familiar with their setting.  Many times school districts will hire subs to teach full time because they know your experience.

I hope this answer helps you make a decision.  Whatever you do, the more experience you get the better.  If I can help you anymore just shoot me another note.


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