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Hello, I wonder if you could help me to identify a Duke Ellington live recording that I have. I am having difficulties to find the name of the song (I would like to get the song in order to study and play it). It is in mp3 format, but unfortunately with no tags, so not sure about its origin. The file is named "Boodah-Live". The only certain thing is that it is the magic of Ellington at the piano...
Perhaps I could e-mail the file.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Dear Rodrigo,
Boodah is a song composed by Billy Strayhorn. One of the best versions is on the cd "And His Mother Called Him Bill", recorded in 1967 by the Ellington band, 3 months after Billy's death. To make sure it really is Boodah, please send me the MP3. My email address: Do you happen to know the date & location of the live recording? Is it perhaps from the Latin America tour in 1968?

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I know quite a bit about Duke Ellington & his music, since I got hooked to his music when I first heard his 'Blue Reverie' on a recording of the 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert. I have several reference books, most of his recordings (still new finds come out) and member, since 10 years, of an online Ellington community. There is a website that contains lots of information:, set up and maintained by David Palmquist. On Peter McHare and Sjef Hoefsmit publish the ultimate source of Ellington facts, the DEMS Bulletin. They and a few others are working on an online discography. In print there are several discographies, notably the 2-volume New Desor, by Mascagli & Volonté. 'Duke Ellington: Day by Day, Film by Film' is what is claims. Since his death in 1974, many books and academic publications have been devoted to the works of Duke Ellington. A recent book tells all about an Ellington concert that took place in July 1956 in Newport, RI: 'Backstory in Blue'. His collaborator for many years, Billy Strayhorn, was the subject of a comprehensive volume by Walter van de Leur, 'Something to Live For'.

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