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Good day
I have a template for a brochure that I am designing. It has a picture on it and some other info. It is not done but I converted it to PDF to see how it would look and trying emailing it and it would not upload.  The picture that I have is high resolution and 300 dpi.
Please let me know what I can do to email the pdf brochure template if I dont want to reduce the resolution of the image. Is there a tool or service.
Other than that could it be anything else that is causing it not to upload onto the yahoo email. It is about 29 MB in size.

Hi S. Mahabir,

If you're having trouble with uploads you can try the following:

-Try a different browser (Firefox or Chrome)
-Try a cloud service like dropbox to access the file from anywhere or share it with others.
-Upload it to a website if you have one and email the link.



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