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Communicating with my friend, sometimes e-mails go right through, but sometimes it takes hours or days for them to be received.  There is no pattern to whether it is a new e-mail or a reply to one.  Some of them just are lost for 4-5 hours up to a day and a half.  What would explain this situation?

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What you experience is explained this way, that sometimes mail servers on which emails are stored before delivery, are overloaded or on the receiver site they queue up while going through spam filters on the server that are in place on the mail server of the receiver. This causes sometimes delays.

AOL Mail e.g. is known to have very strict spam filters. If you use services with SMTP logging (SMTP = Sent mail server), you can see that AOL often refuses email on first try on delivery and wait if the sent mail server tries re-delivery.  This all adds up to the delivery time.

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