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An acquaintance of mine frequently forwards messages to a listserv I am on.  She is the secretary of the parent organization, so this is part of her volunteer duties.  The message's subject line frequently looks like this:
Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Interesting workshop coming up
And the body of the message has three or more quote levels.  This is not helpful for increasing membership of our organization, and also I personally also find it quite annoying.

I have asked her to strip all that stuff out before forwarding.  She says that if she were doing the forwarding at home with her computer, she would know how to do that, but she usually does the forwarding on a break at work using her phone.

I don't have a cell phone and don't know what to suggest to her.  I use thunderbird and the ReFwdFormatter add-on myself.  But I don't know what software or procedure to suggest to her for emailing with the cell phone.  I don't think she has an iphone, because her emails don't have that unpleasant "sent from my iphone" phrase at the bottom.  For you to help us, do I need to tell you what type of phone she reads her email on?

Hello there

thanks for your question!

First of all, to get the things right: Cell phones do not handle emails most likely but "smartphones".

It can be an iPhone if she disabled or altered the signature.

Really, she would do the same as you would on the PC. Mark the text, then choose to delete it.

On a smartphone, she would most likely swipe the finger over the screen and then and then mark and delete the quotes.

This should be valid for all email apps on smartphones I can think of.

Maybe sh may use an app (is it a webmail provider?) of a webmail provider than things maay be different, but it's unlikely.

It's like........if you can drive a bus, you can drive a car. it's not the same but hugely similar. It would make no sense if a delete text option was removed from the smartphone app she uses.

Smartphones mostly do not come with an extensive manual, they are easy to use, by finger gestures, if they have a manual at all.

It may  be helpful to know what smartphone and email app she uses!

All the best!


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