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Hi, I use Mozilla Thunderbird email service. I have never had an issue until now. Recently my computer slowed down a lot. I run a virus scan and it showed 1 infection. I couldn't fix it so I called a service I found on the internet. Well they stuck me for $200.00. I let them take control of my computer to fix it. When all was said and done I found when something like YouTube sent me an update, when I clicked on it to watch a video they sent me, the computer said I need an app. I clicked on something and a list of computer lingo apps came up. I clicked on one and now the hand will appear over the video, but it won't play when I click it. Do you know of a simple fix for this?  If you can help me, I will really appreciate it very much.  Stephen

Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your question!

That's an incredible out of money to fix a computer, but then I have no idea what the average prices are in USA for that and of course how much time they spent with it.

Sounds like it was maybe flash player asking for an update.

Install/Update it and try again:

Hope this helps!
All the best!


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