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Which is safer, postal mail or email?

Hello Jeffery,

thanks for your question!

Both is not really "safe" for different reasons:

While email mostly arrives within seconds or minutes (and mostly you get a notification if an email could not be delivered), postal mail gets more likely lost.

And even then, email is not secure in terms of privacy. The provider or anybody having access to the mailserver can read it, just like your postman can read your postcards.

If you want safe message delivery, a registered letter is safest, as you can track its way from sender to receiver online even to abroad (thanks to the service you even can ge this automatically if you register an account there and adding registered letters/parcels inside your account).
If a registered letter gets lost, you can place an inquiry if you are the sender and after 4-8 weeks you get a result. if the result is that the letter was lost you get a refund from the Postal Service.

ways to see if an email was delivered is e.g. is uing as sent mail server (SMTP) a service like the free there you can look at the SMTP mail delivery logs.

Hope this helps!
All the best!


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