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QUESTION: Did G mail ever allow its users to set up a four character account ?

Has there ever been a .con ending to an e-mail address ?

ANSWER: Hello Satu-Ann,

thanks for your question!

I am not sure about the first, but I think the answer is "no"
And I am sure about the second, the answer is "no". There never was a .con ending.

Hope this helps!
All the best!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi and thanks for your last email. In Trinidad there is an email fraud  case being investigated where there are emails sent between government officials that have a four chracter email address and the .con can you advise as to what should be done to investigate the veracity of these emails. Gmail and local email addesses service providers are involved.

Hello again! I would have to see the full header information for such emails to be able to see more. Then I would have to investigate about the domains and service providers involved.

Otherwise I cannot tell much about it.

If you can provide more info then we will see
hope this helps!
All th ebest!


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