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QUESTION: Hi. I have an event that I will want to announce via email, but I prefer not to use Chimp or Constant Contact, or similar services, because they require physical address. In prior emails I tried putting a nicely designed PDF announcement into the email, but the PDF did not display automatically on the recipient's email. It just showed as an icon, and the recipient would have to click it open. How can I send a PDF on email so that it displays fully as soon the recipient opens the email?


ANSWER: Hello,
Yes this type of email can be challenging because so many people use different email companies that each one would display this sort of email differently. Such as ; earthlink, gmail, aol and so on.
The only way for it to be successful is to insert it as a stand-alone webpage and then have everyone click the link to view it.
I can highly recommend constant contact as the leader and do recommend you take it out for a spin with a free trial at: CLICK TO VIEW FREE 60 DAY TRIAL
Keep in mind, this type of email service complies with all anti spam laws and is mobile friendly so these are important facts to keep in mind when deciding on the right service to pick from.
All the best to your success,
Danna Crawford

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QUESTION: This is sort of a follow up on my previous question. I'm leaning toward attaching a pdf to my email instead of using Chimp or Constant Contact. On the pdf I have put a URL link. When I send a test email to myself and I click on the link, the entire pdf highlights but does not go to the linked page unless I double-click the URL link. Is there something that I could fix so that one click gets there? Thanks.

I suggest you create an EBOOK using a software program designated for creating eBooks that allows you to embed links. That is the kind of tool you need to make a hot link into a pdf OR you could create it in power point and make the links hot, then try to save it as a handout/pdf. That may work.
Good luck, Danna


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