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Please can you recommend a suitable free skype download that is both easy to use and reliable. It definitely must be free. I have never used skype before. It will be used to communicate with friends in different countries such as USA and Philippines. I live in England and I am only familiar with using email and Yahoo Messenger communication.

I don't have a webcam built into my laptop but I have a webcam which I can plug in. I am not sure, but will the plug-in webcam in theory, work for communication on Skype? I did try the webcam previously to take some photographs.

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Hello Brent!

Thanks for your question.

Sure, Skype can be easily downloaded from their homepage here:

It is very easy to use, even my mum can use it :)
If you have any questions there is a knowledge base that will answer all your questions:

At "Get more help" on the bottom and doing a search in the knowledge Base afterwards, it allows you also to contact customer support of Skype.

Regarding the video usage of Skype. Please do not confuse webcams and digicams with each other.
Webcams are for transmitting your picture as a video to the computer for programs like Skype.
Digicams (aka digital cameras) are just for taking pictures.
Most webcams cannot be used as digicams and vice versa.

Digicams have just an USB plug for copying the taken pics to a computer or for charging. Not for use as a webcam for Skype video or other webcam use on the PC!

Hope this helps!
All the best!


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