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Hi, I'm starting to wonder if my email has been hacked (I use Mozilla Firefox, and Gmail, btw), because I've been talking to a girl from CL, and she eventually told me that she wasn't interested in meeting because she didn't like my photo. I found this very puzzling because I haven't sent her anything, and I asked her to describe the person in the photo. She sends me the photo of someone whom I've never seen before and tells me that it came from my address. Does this mean that my email is hacked? Someone told me that CL is notorious for having a lot of email relay problems, and could combine two similar names from two different people into the same email or misdirect them. Is that what probably happened? Because some people ask for my picture, and most I don't hear from, so it's hard for me to make any judgements on this basis. Also I keep getting a lot of spam garbage in my spam folder, from various bogus sites, and a lot of the times after I log in, there is a different name that say "Hi _______", although it's usually either one of three familiar names that I know to have used for other applications, like Yahoo Comments, so I wonder if that mix-up is from that basis alone...because the name included in the "Hi _______" at the top near the mailbox is never some obscure unfamiliar name. Also I haven't heard from someone who I've been talking to for a while, and I was wondering of the possibility of someone posing as myself who may have scared her away or something. What can you tell me about all this?

Hello there, thanks for your question and happy easter.

I do not know what "CL" means. but yes, it's possible that your email address was used for scam emails, it's not something unusual.Email headers and so sender addresses can be faked. to be sure the identity of an sender is correct, the receiver should put the full header (all email providers allow that, just different ways to make it display it)into header analyzers to check its origin, like e.g. this one:

Or it could be that your pc has been malware infected, in this case scan it, also good idea sometimes to use a rescue scan cd for that like e.g
incase your windows is so much infected that the antivir installed cannot clean it anymore

Hope this helps!
All the best!


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