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QUESTION: Hi Danna!My question is about google account.Several days ago I removed permanently my gmail.Now I can't sign in the google account associated with that deleted gmail address.(There was only one mail address associated with my google account.)Please,can you held me?Thanks  Theita

ANSWER: Hello,
Just checking to see if you were able to get this resolved?

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QUESTION: Danna,I just want to sign in my google account,but every time appears:"Invalid mail address or password."I have one more question,please.I've read somewhere that if person signs up for a new gmail or google account,he'll get a google+ account whether he wanted it or not.Is that true?Thanks Theita

Just try to create a new account and if you have an old one there, they will alert you what to do next.   And yes you will have a google+ account but its up to you to make it active or not.
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