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QUESTION: I have gmail and use chrome. In my inbox that comes up everyday automatically I get most of my email but at least some are is some place that I can only find if I search for them. When I search for past emails of, for instance, I get 2 years worth of almost daily emails. I have some other emails that are mysteriously hidden. Some that I have recently trashed and don't show up. They don't show up in spam either.
How can I learn how to get the daily emails from mercola or any others that I am not aware of?
Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Hello Mark thanks for your question! Well, please tell me what email address provider you use so I can help you. Do you use web based email or email client program? If a program,. which one?

Thanks in advance!
All the best!

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QUESTION: All I know is that I signed up for a gmail account. I don't know what the rest means. I don't know the difference between web based email and email client program. I don't know what an email address provider is.

Hi Mark,

thanks for your feedback.

1) an email account is the account that you have for your emails. In your case your email account is by your provider "google mail" aka "Gmail".

2) Web based means you login into a homepage on the internet to accesss your emails.

3) An email client program means you open up a program on your PC to read your emails (like e.g. Outlook, a very known email client).

It is very possible that when you search for emails, that are in trash as they are marked for deletion then.

On the other hand on which place within your gmail account to you search for them?

Thanks in adavance.


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