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(This is not a spam question or a homework question)
I was wondering would you please tell me: is it a fact that if a person sends somebody a email or sends somebody text message, its rude not to reply?

If it is a fact, would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: why are there some people that donít reply?


Hello Cameron

thanks for your question!

Yes, I think it is rude to not reply to emails or IMs or SMS or letters, etc etc. Even if it's late, better late than never! Why is that that some people don't reply? well, as a hobby I love to interview tech pioneers and inventors and I learned that a lot of them are just too busy to reply to their emails or read them all, often also messages don't arrive or get falsely detected as spam!

So I have learned, sometimes it's better to just call them and then that's what I found out!

I hope this gives you some insight!
All the best!


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I did an education as a Management Assistant in Informatics, I am using the Opera browser since year 2000 & the M2 email client since 2004. I will do my best to answer also other email related questions and email client settings related, etc. But please no Outlook or Outlook Express questions, since I do not use that. (But if you really want to ask in that field, I will sure do try my best to answer your question nicely and correctly anyway :) ). This includes but is not limited to web based email or whatever comes to your mind.


I am a Management Assistant in Informatics education which was done under the control of the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). And had to solve various PC, email and other related problems. Using computers since 1990.

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