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Email/email is different on screen


hello, i use "Windows mail" (not live mail, just regular windows mail) this is really very weird, was away on vacation and when i returned and started up my desktop computer for email, the emails that i am receiving in, the type is all kind of pixilated, (kind of hard to explain as it is not exactly pixilated) but it does not look like solid letters, each letter is kind of broken. also when i make a # it looks ok at the other end of the email but what i see on the screen is similar to the # but it only has one horizontal line & 2 vertical lines. at first i thought maybe something with my screen monitor, but this is only in my email, not in word or any other program. again this is really weird, but hope you might be able to help me ! starting to drive me crazy !

Hello June!

Thanks for your question!

So I suppose something on your windows mail is broken. I would repair it if I was at your place.

Unfortunately I have no idea which windows version you are using, as this could be Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

So if you have Windows Vista, check here:

See How to Backup and Reset Windows Mail

Also backup beforehand, that is also described down that page.

I am not giving any warranty that it works as I have never used Windows Mail myself.

If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Windows Mail is Part of Windows Live Essentials which should be uninstalled in ADD/REMOVE programs in control panel and reinstalled again:

Hope this helps!
All the  best!


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