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A few day ago, I was using avast anti virus free, when a offer dropped down to upgrade to avast pro for $9.99. I took up the offer and when it started downloading, it caused my computer to go haywire. I couldn't fix it myself, so I carried it to a computer shop and they fixed it for a fee of $75.00. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for emails. The next day when I went to check my emails, all emails were gone. The sent, inbox, drafts, etc. were all gone. I can get new emails, but I had all my important files on the archives folder which disappeared also. My question is, do you know how or if there is a way to recover these emails? If not, do you know someone who can help?  Thanks for your time and consideration.  Stephen

Hello Stephen.

Thanks for your question!

Yeah, computer stores are not responsible for your data when fixing computers, the way you describe it, the emails where gone after they returned the PC to you. That's why it is always important to keep backups of your data so you don't become a victim of data loss. You can use free backup software for that like e.g. Drive Image XML:

And yes, it's possible to restore deleted data but only shortly after the deletion, because the area will be marked as writeable again so after a short while, the place where the deleted data was stored will be overwritten by new data.

If you wanna restore recently deleted data, you can do so e.g. by using free tools like Recuva:

Hope this helps!
All the best!


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