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Email/2 (Hopefully) Easy Questions


Hello Joerg,

I know that you said that you don't answer Outlook questions, and IF you don't know the answers, I certainly understand. But I have two questions that I feel like you WOULD know - anyone with e-mail knowledge of ANY clients, as you have, would, I think, know the answers.

1) I use online mail exclusively (Yahoo, Gmail, a little Hotmail).
Could I transfer all of my online mail (a LOT of mail - including all of my folders, drafts, trash, etc.. EVERYTHING, basically), to Outlook - /or Outlook Express?/ - [not sure which I should use; only using for eml; not a PIM, etc., but I can figure that out myself.] ) ?

2) If I can, and I AM pretty sure that it's possible, here is my MAIN question. I've used Outlook/Outlook Express, a tiny bit, over the years, at work, or experimentally, (or whatever).. just VERY limited use.

Here is what I'm a little scared of: I know that you hit the "Send/Receive" button in these clients (which is different from online e-mail clients). I have a LOT (YEARS worth) of unfinished, or e-mails that I decided not to send, in my 'DRAFTS' folder. (Instead of deleting them, I like, or need, to look back periodically at those e-mails, for reference).

Of course, a lot of the e-mails that ARE in my 'Drafts' folder, are already addressed to the person.

It seems like, if my memory serves me correctly, when I hit the "SEND/RECEIVE" button, those drafts (that were already addressed, of course), were SENT!! (When I did NOT want them sent).

I may be wrong about this - my memory could, of course, be wrong, or I was wrong about what even happened, back when I used it, and unfinished "drafts" were NOT sent, as I (wrongly) thought.

I THINK that these questions are pretty uniform across e-mail platforms, so, again, I feel like you WOULD know the answer(s). If not, please accept my apology for asking a question outside of the area in which you specified.

Thank you a lot for your help!! I really appreciate it.


Hello Chris!

Smart way to work around my limitations :)

Let's see what we can do:

1). Gmail allows syncing with email clients by POP3 or SMTP
Yahoo does not, until you have a paid account, then they offer that feature to you
Hotmail does not offer this feature to you. However here I found a workaround, not sure whether it works, though:
This is even officially from Microsoft, impressive! :)

2) ".......and I AM pretty sure that it's possible" --> See 1). I wouldn't be so sure :)

Drafts are drafts. Why would any email client send unfinished emails automagically? You would have to explain that to me. I have never heard of any.

What is sent is emails stuck in OUTBOX (because they haven't been sent, usually due to an error).

you were indeed right. I knew the answers, feel free to ask me any follow-up quwstion. You seem to still have some as you are not sure if what you remember is correct.

Personally, I am a fan of IMAP, because in contrast to POP where emails are just fetched, at IMAP emails are synced between all places.

E.g. I have an AOL IMAP account that syncs between webinterface, my Opwera Mail client at home and my iPhone and it's for free (Apple Mail for iOS usage costs money here in Germany, and I am not supposed to pay for something that I can get easily for free ).

I know that back in 2008 when I had my first iPhone, GMAILs IMAP implementation would allow syncing all folders as IMAP folders except the SENT mail folder. Not sure if that is still the case.

Hope I was able to help, gave you some insight and wasn't too confusing to you!

Looking forward to your follow-up! :)

All the best!


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