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I am trying to set up alerts to get current news articles based on search criteria that I specify to go automatically to my E-mail.  I used to have such a set up with Yahoo Alerts, but I can't find a Yahoo Alert page any longer.  Perhaps Yahoo discontinued this service.

Google has an alert service, but it will go only to my Google E-mail, and I want to send the alerts to another E-mail account.  The one that I want to use is already used on Google for something else, so I can't use it as a secondary account on Google, so that option is out.

Do you know of some other new application that can be used to send news alerts based on search terms (not RSS feeds) to an E-mail account that one can specify?  I have searched myself and can't find one.  Thanks.

I suggest setting up a new gmail account dedicated for your searches and then adjust the settings to forward to the main email account you prefer to read them at.

I do this for many reasons and find it very helpful to create multiple gmail accounts and although I never log into them I have them forward the emails to a "main" account.

Hope that helps.
Best, Danna


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