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On various wifi networks I have experienced a problem with Yahoo when using both my Android tablet and smartphone.  So far, this has not been a problem on my work wifi and Windows 7 computer.  

My girlfriend and I e-mail back and forth frequently.  After some communications, finally when trying to reply or send a new e-mail, I get this notification: "Action required. We need to check you're a real person. Please go to your Outbox and view your pending messages to complete the sending process."  When I go and select the message, a security word box pops up and I have to enter the characters of this hard to read word similar to how this site does to catch spam before releasing my question.  Sometimes the message is released, but sometimes not.  

Usually by the next day I can send e-mails again, but then the issue returns.  So this is a constant battle.  I have searched online for a way to cure it but no luck, and communication with Yahoo itself is impossible.  Do you have any insight into permanently curing this problem?

Hello Sam!

Thanks for your question!

I am aware of this problem as AOL Mail (Which I use for my iPhone rather than paying Apple for iCloud emai service) does use the exact same system. It happens if specific spam-like content is added like specific words or URLs and when the same web account is used from various computers constantly in order to fight spam. Details are not known of course as this would give spammers the chance to work around this.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to not use Yahoo or AOL Mail and switch to another provider.


Hope this gives you some insights, though!
All the best!


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