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I'm not sure if you can answer this but here goes:
I had been emailing this guy  who I recently discovered was posing as someone else...when I scrolled the cursor on his email address, the faker's picture came up but just recently when I put the cursor over the same email address, the real Facebook image was shown......but  the 2 pictures were tied to the sanme email address
Can 2 different people have the same email?

Hello Jeff!

I have no idea what you are talking about but posers are pretty common nowadays, and no, it's not possible that 2 different people have the same email address.

However, keep in mind that Gmail has a little exception in handling their email addresses.

E.g. is the same as

And if there is a dot in email address before the @ you can also remove those dot and it will be seen as the same email address

E.g. joerg.droege @ gmail . com is equal to joergdroege @ gmail . com

Hope this helps!
Happy new year 2017!


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