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I'm starting an email marketing campaign. Is there a best day/time to send email to my customers?

Hi,thanks for your question.

The conventional wisdom is that an opt in email marketing campaign will be most effective if it is sent relatively early on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mondays and Fridays are perceived to be less effective because people are too focused on starting their week on Monday and too focused on preparing for the weekend on Friday. Most business people have weekends off, so those days are not considered optimal.

That said, there is flexibility if your email is less focused on corporate business. Let's say your email campaign is centered on students, stay-at-home parents or someone else who isn't necessarily bound by business hours. You can likely send the email during a wider timeframe and experience successful results. I would still recommend sending during daytime hours... late-morning to mid-afternoon (you just want to avoid having your email buried during a time when your recipient may not have an eye on their inbox). You'll have a better idea after sending a few campaigns... You can analyze the results of your campaigns and chart the returns vs. the send dates and times. That's a great way to learn important info about your recipients and their email viewing habits.

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