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I need to send out a series of information pieces to opted-in new patients here at my clinic and would like to know the best way to do that. "Best" to me means opened and absorbed.

As I see it, my three options are:

1) Send email with content within the body of the email
2) Send with a teaser headline and an attached PDF
3) Send with a teaser headline and link to a PDF back at my website

What has the industry found to get past spam filters and work best or, is there another way that's the absolute best way to go?

Thanks very, very much!


Hi Mike,

This is an excellent question. The best way to optimize your open rates is to "train" your recipients to open your emails and the best way to accomplish that is to:

1) Always make sure that your email campaigns contain relevant content. If your email contains material that does not pertain to your recipient's interest, they are less likely to open it next time.

2) Keep your content brief and to the point. Your goal should be to keep your email quick and easy to read. I'd recommend a teaser subject line and then a first paragraph or two of the article with a link to either download the rest of the article in pdf form or a link to a webpage where the rest of the article is on display. Either one is great.

3) Make sure that the email is visually appealing. A company that sends out well designed emails with clean, simple graphics will tend to have their emails opened more often that one that sends out emails that look like junk.

As far as spam filters go, definitely avoid using all caps and words and phrases like "FREE!" or "Special Offer!". Exclamation points can trigger spam filters too, especially when they are in the subject line. I'd recommend that you Google "Spam Filters: The Truth about Email Marketing Gatekeepers". There is a wealth of information on the 'net about how filters work. Knowing a few rules will help you open rate. The biggest key, though, is making sure that your contact list participants are truly opt-in and really want to receive email from you.

I hope this is helpful information.

Have a great day,


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