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I am a full-time floor supervisor in a retail store that recently got a new manager. Most people that I work with do not like him for various reasons. We have had a few conversations about the reasons why I am not happy with him. After one conversation he had cut my hours down to 29, when I usually get 38. The next week he gave me back 38, after saying that he noticed a change in my attitude.  This week I received 29 hours and another chat about my "lack of interest". I have never received anything but praise about my work, from him or my district manager. I feel that he is docking my hours because I do not like him and not on account of me not doing my job. All the other full-time associates are getting 38-40 hours, so it seems to be just me. Is there anything I can do about this?

Julie - Unless you have a written agreement stating that you will receive a certain number of hours every week, you have no legal rights in this situation.  If the manager has a boss who likes you and you can speak with that person about your hours, without turning it into a gripe session about the manager, that might work.  Management does not like getting between employees and their managers, and you will probably lose if this turns into a battle.  If you want to keep this job, you'll have to figure out a way to get along with your new manager.  If the economy were better, you might have more choices, but now you either find a new job or learn to work with the man.  I have found that keeping my IPod plugged in and listening to music helps.  Find something that works for you.

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