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I work in a dental office that officially switched owners September 2012. During our first meeting that month I was shocked that no office manual had been prepared & until now me & my coworkers are still waiting for a copy. The next week when we were paid we all noticed a reduced hourly rate for our hour long meeting. For me it was only a few dollars less, but for the hygienists it was half their regular rate.Also, our overtime pay was recalculated from being paid for time over 9 hours, now to time over 10 hours. Are California employers required by law to notify employees for changes in pay?

While harsh, reducing your hourly wage and eliminating your holiday pay is legal (as long as the minimum wage law is not violated).  The reason is that most employment relationships are what is known as "at will".  This means that basically the employer can hire or fire someone for any reason or no reason whatsoever, as well has increase/decrease salary/hours, promote/demote, and generally impose requirements and change benefits as they see fit.  In turn, you can work for an employer, or not, your choice.

The only exceptions to the above would be if there is a stated company policy covering this, or there is a union/employment agreement that governs, or this situation has arisen due to some type of discrimination.

However, the above only applies to your pay going forward.  Any hours that you worked prior to your notice (the note) should be paid at your old rate.  There can be no reduction of pay retroactively.  This is illegal.

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