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My job,in Georgia, is holding everyone's paycheck until Saturday. We normally get paid Friday, every two weeks. They just posted the paper telling us that, yesterday. They only have us 3 days notice. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. Is there any law or clause stating they have to pay us on time?

The business IS open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

I am also a youth, if that helps. ALSO, our paychecks bounce frequently. If mine bounces one more time I have to cash it at their bank, not mine, and pay a $6 fee every time I do so. Anything I can do about that?

Georgia requires that employee be paid no less often than semi-monthly and at even intervals. There is an exemption for officials, superintendents and department heads.

Since you will be paid twice a month the law is met. Sorry I couldn't be more help but the laws in Georgia are very vague and do not specify a specific time period other than twice a month.

If your checks continue to bounce than you should contact your local department of labor and talk to them about it perhaps they can talk to the company and let them know that it is not legal to give out checks that cannot be covered.


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