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Hello Michael,

I am an hourly employee for a privately owned company in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  I have a question concerning the calculation of hours; how total weekly hours gets divided between regular hours, PTO hours, holiday hours, and over-time hours.

Say I worked ten hour days Monday through Wednesday, (30 hours) there was a holiday on Thursday (8 hours), and decided to use a PTO day for Friday (8 hours).  That totals 46 hours for the week.

Does that qualify me for six hours of over-time or am I only credited the 46 straight-time hours since I technically did not work those 16 hours I am paid for?

I look forward to your response!


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Michigan labor laws on overtime pay require covered, non-exempt employees be paid time and a half for all hours actually worked over 40 during a work week. The overtime laws do not consider time paid for vacation, holidays, PTO or illness as hours worked. Therefore, this time does not have to be included in the total hours worked for overtime purposes. So, in your case, it would appear that you would be owed 46 hours of straight-time pay (30+8+8) as you did not actually work over 40 hours during the week.  

Additional resource links that may be of assistance to you:

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I hope you find this response and information helpful.

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