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at my job we have hand written time sheets in and out every two weeks recently the owner said we had to go from writing our in time and out time from pen to pencil if we wrote it in pen we would be wrote up for insubordination well i did it and at the end of every pay period i would check it and make sure it was right and make a copy of my time sheet for the last two weeks during my last pay period my boss changed my time out from 12:45 to 11:00 with out asking me or talking to me about it when i did work till 12:45 my question can she legally do that and not say anything to me about it i did see that she changed it and it changed it back so i did get paid for it but is this even legal to do. thank you for your time.

James - It is not legal to deprive employees of wages they are entitled to receive.  It is also illegal to maintain inaccurate employee records. Since both of these things can result from altering time sheets, what your boss did has the potential to be a violation of wage and hour laws.  Since you were paid properly, no violation occurred.  If it happens again and you  are underpaid, I suggest you contact the Labor Department to file a wage claim.  

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