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Employer has a facility that has a guard shack that is manned by outside security company that has had written times in and out of the gate. I have a log sheet that is rounded in 15 increments and time sheet with my employer that match each others time. I have three occasions that my time sheet and cdl log sheet do not match the guard shack by 15 minutes. I have been fired by the employer for this. What are the laws regarding offical time sheet time keeping such as a certified time clock vs. handwritten time keeping?

Chris - The only law that applies to time keeping is that the employer have a means of assuring that employees receive wages for all time worked.  The only claims that can arise from this are claims about underpaying wages - not arguments that you should not have been fired for faulty records.  Employers do not have to have valid reasons to terminate employees.  I would apply for unemployment if I were you, and present the referee with whatever documentation you have to support your claim. You have no legal basis for disputing your termination. Sorry.  

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