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QUESTION: Can my company deduct large amounts of pay from me for bei.g late on delivery, or calling the owner after hours, or for making a mistake on paperwork?

ANSWER: Robert - Your employer has to pay you your hourly rate for however many hours you work during the work week.  If you are not being paid the correct amount, you can file a wage claim with the Department of Labor.  You don't say what state you work in, so I cannot check your state web site and give you the correct name of your state labor department, but it, too, may be able to help you with a wage claim.  

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QUESTION: Do i have a claim? Over $1300.00 has been taken from me sence sept of thks year woth no explanation.

Robert - If you have been paid anything less than your hourly rate for the number of hours you have worked for the employer, then yes, you have a claim.  It will have to be the federal Department of Labor that helps you, however, because the Georgia Department of Labor does not do wage claims for workers.

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