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I worked for a company in Pennsylvania for about 7 months, within that 7 months I became pregnant. It was around October that I decided to tell my boss about my pregnancy, I had really bad morning sickness and said I was thinking of only working until the end of the year. Once the end of the year started approaching I was feeling totally fine and stated that I was able and willing to stay on longer. On December 20th I was told the 28th of December would be my last day, work was really slow, so I asked if things picked up if they would call me (at least up until my due date) and they said that they would "keep my number in their back pocket". A family member then told me that I could sign up for unemployment, since I was able to work and was technically "on call". So, I figured I'd give it a shot and put in a claim on december 30th, a little over a week after I filed I received a call from HR stating that I had to come in and sign a letter of resignation. I've received 3 calls in almost 2 weeks saying that I "need" to sign it. I haven't returned their calls because I feel I didn't resign, and never gave a quit date or anything. Am I wrong here? Do I have to sign?

Carina - No, you do not need to sign it, and you should not sign it.  If you resign, you cannot get unemployment.  If you were let go, you should (assuming your financial eligibility) be eligible.  

You also might consider filing a complaint with the PA Human Relations Commission claiming that you were terminated due to pregnancy, which is illegal.  

Good luck with the baby.

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