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I don't know what to do. I have been a cashier at Dollar Tree Inc. for a few years now. 2 weeks ago, there was a shift in management. One of the assistant managers was transferred to another store, and we got a new store manager. Both the new assistant manager and store manager have been completely rude and hostile with all of our other workers. I and several other employees have spoken to harshly, being told our old policies were trash, and that we were never trained right, and did not know how to properly do our jobs. The majority of our staff feel threatened by the new management team.

My new store manager has an incredibly aggressive demeanor, even her tone of voice is that way. Since her arrival, our store have lost two loyal customers who would buy several hundred dollars of merchandise from our store every month. Also, I witnessed  an altercation between her and a customer. A few children were running around the toy isle when she yelled harshly at them to stop running in her store. The mother of the two children, came up to the register and asked for the store manager to file a complaint. My store manager then told her in a rude tone that it was her who yelled at the children. The customer became angry with the voice which the store manager used with her children and started yelling at my store manager. My store manager yelled back. (this was all taking place while I was ringing that very same customer's items up.) My store manager then yelled at the customer to leave her store, that she would not be disrespected in her own store. She did not even let the customer pay for her items before kicking her out of the store.
I really need some direction in how to go about doing something. Everyone in the store is afraid to say anything due to both manager's hostility not only towards their employees, but towards customers as well. Please help.

You need to go talk to someone at the department of labor to address the harrassment of the employees. If more than one of you go it is better. It is against the law to be harrassed at work.

About the customers I think the only thing you can do is to contact the corporate office of Dollar Tree and let corporate know what is happening. Most of the time the corporatate office doesn not know these kind of things are happening and will take action if they find out.


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