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I was wondering if you could provide some information about FMLA requirements. I've been approved for intermittent FMLA to go to therapy and psych appts and also in the event i have a psychiatric emergency.

Recently, i did. without going too much into this- i tend to have bizarre reactions to stress...seizures, hallucinations, inflammatory skin conditions, dissociation, hair falls out... I felt myself heading in that direction and decided i needed to take a time out to take care of myself. i notified my drs and employer. my dr said he recommended i not return to work until he had a chance to see me. while i was there, i asked him to write me a letter stating i could return to work. he asked me if i thought i was able to and i said yes, even though i was still having symptoms. my employer told me i couldnt return without a letter stating i could so i was more focused on being allowed to go back. i didnt like that my employer and dr kind of hijacked my healing time when i am the best person to determine whether im ok and feel ok or not. bc i said i was ready, my dr wrote a letter stating i could return to work that day (in practice it would be the next day).

once i got home, i started thinking more about whether i was truly ready. the day i was planning to return just happens to be the busiest and most stressful day in clinic (and was a tipping point the week before) and also happened to be my 3rd anniversary since my last grand mal seizure. the more i thought about it, the more i felt it wasnt a good idea to risk exacerbating the still present anxiety by returning on the most stressful day of the week. i emailed my dr to ask if this was ok- to return on th bc it was a less crazy day, more calm... he was on his way to a conference so he didnt respond and i made the decision for myself that it wasnt worth risking 3 years of no seizures etc for 1 day.

i gave my employer the letter from my dr but because i came back a day later, they want a new letter. i had hoped my dr would write one but he was hesitant to write the first one. he said he is unable to write another- i suppose because even though i let him know how i was feeling, he still didnt agree to that.

is the length of fmla determined only by a dr? i'm not sure what to do at this point and quite honestly, dont want to add something else to worry about...i think i was doing the best thing for me- something i didnt do in the past and resulted in devastating results- but now i will be punished for it because i made the decision on my own when my dr couldnt be reached. i guess im wondering if you have any suggestions etc. ive never taken fmla before so every piece of this was new. if nothing else, lesson learned i guess...

thank you!

Hi Katie,

FMLA is determined by a doctor. You will need a doctor's letter to be eligible for FMLA. If that doctor will not write you a letter and you feel your condition is such you need the time off than I would suggest that you go see another doctor that can better evaluate your condition.

The law says that the company must have a doctor's note to excuse you from work.


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