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I am a teacher in a Florida county. In the past, we received notification through our home e-mail addresses that our pay stubs were available for viewing. We then would click a link in the e-mail to be taken to the payroll site being used by the county and could access our stubs using a  personal password and username. Recently, the county switched to a new payroll system and now they are delivering emails containing our check stubs to our work e-mail/work computer.
I sent an e-mail to someone at the district office expressing my dismay at this new policy. We all know that our work e-mail/work computers are not private and I absolutely will not download or open my pay stub on my work computer. At any time, our computers could be upgraded to new ones and the old ones taken away. If someone left employment with the county, their computer could be reassigned to another staff member. There have been staff members in the past who have had work computers stolen out of their cars and we have experienced several break-ins at our school where computers have been stolen. I know that just because things are deleted on a computer, it does not mean that they are gone from the hard drive. Deleted information remains on the hard drive until it is written over with new information and therefore it can still be retrieved until that happens.
The staff member at district responded to my inquiry by saying that we had no option to change the current delivery of our check stubs to our home computer or to discontinue the delivery of our stubs to our work computers. I don't want my personal financial information not to mention my Social Security number to be at risk because they are delivering these stubs to my work computer. It seems it has to be a violation of my privacy rights. Can they do this???

You can ask them to mask all but the last 4 digits of your social security number or not print it on your check stub. They should already be doing this it is what I do.

Check stubs are allowed to be delivered to your work computer, it is your work computer and it is not a privacy issue. Check stubs are not protected information. People often think this is so, but the laws do not address this as a concern. The only items covered by law is the social security number medical informstion.

If it is sent in email format you can print it, delete the email, and than empty your trash can and it should be gone. I really doubt anyone is going to search the hard drive for traces of it. The person would have to be an experienced computer tech and have a reason to search the computer. If you deleate it and empty the trash can it is gone for all practical reasons.


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