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I am emailing in reagards to my daughters father. We are separated and now get along great. About 2 years ago we had split and the breakup got nasty as far as MySpace emails being sent to one another and child custody agreements and child support. He had left his job as a car salesman shortly after all of the dust settled between us. he has now returned back to work with this same employer which is a car dealership upon returning his boss apparently went onto his computer hacked into his MySpace account ha emails about us arguing over the issues at that time. He also went into his desk and made copies of our child support agreement and custody. He boss also has pays stubs of mine from the employer i worked for at that time 2 years ago. Why would the boss need this information and is this an invasion of privacy especially to me since his boss has information of mine that does not involve me working there?

It is not invasion of privacy.  The reason being that anything you post on any social network, including myspace is not private the minute you publish it, the posting is public.  The courts have upheld this. If you do not want knowledge known or seen by others do not post it on the Internet, email or social media.

Also any Internet postings done at work by you or your ex are the property of the company and may be printed out as proof the employee was using the computer for non work related activity.

If his boss has copies of anything that was not on the Internet that would be because someone gave them to him. Wage amounts are not covered under privacy laws.  The only thing covered is SS no and medical information.  Than you have to prove it was not gained through a public access such as the Internet and that it caused you damages and you must be able to prove the damages.  

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