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I've been working under this employer for over two years now and they will not give a raise to anyone. When I first started working here they cut everyone's pay (who made $10.00/hr or more) by %10. Luckily I was not effected by this but my father was greatly effected by it. Shortly after initiating the pay cut the boss is on vacation in Aruba. His daughter who also works above me has mentioned several times since then that he's in Florida. Whenever anyone mentions a raise the managers always say we don't have money. But we also just bought new equipment worth a fortune, literally, and he's still going on vacation to Florida because he's said to be having a house being built down there for his daughter also. Is what he is doing at all legal?

There are no laws that say any company must give raises to employees. It is good business to do so, but it is not illegal to not do so.

The law only says the employee must be paid at least minimum wage for regular time and time and 1/2 for overtime.

What other things the owner is doing with his money is no business of anyone but the owner. The government does not tell the owner how to spend the money his company makes nor does the government say he must give raises to employees.


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