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My employer informed me today that he accidentally sent a personal and confidential email to multiple employees within the company, and a group of people in another organization, that detailed my recent embarrassment surrounding the company reneging on a job offer. His intention was to send the email only to HR but his emails somehow 'meshed'. Either way, people both within the company and outside now know confidential details of my employment.

How concerned should I be about this circumstance? My first instinct was 'mistakes happen' but the more I think about it, an already uncomfortable situation has become even more embarrassing. Would you advise to take further action (besides accepting his apology)? If so, what?

Thank you in advance.


Sound like he made an embarrassing mistake and has apologized for it. You can either let it go, accept his apology and ask him to make sure it never happens again or you can talk to HR about him.
It depends on what you wish to accomplish. Do you want the person to be disciplined for his mistake? You could ask for him to be written up and a copy would go in his employment file.

Unless what he said was a lie and caused you damages or contained medical information it is not illegal as payroll information is not covered under privacy laws.


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