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I have been working with a German MNC in a Mumbai suburb since 21 august 2013. I have produced results ever since I joined and have not breached the code of conduct or any policy etc. of the company, but have faced harassment because of the behavior of my immediate supervisor whom I report to . I don't have any written evidence of this.
My probation review took place after 6 months(21st Feb,2013) and my supervisor extended my probation because I have refused to aid her in unethical behavior displayed from time to time.
Suddenly,after 1 month(on 13th March 2013), my supervisor handed me a copy of resignation letter and a termination letter  and asked me to sign the resignation letter telling me that though my services were being terminated , It would be better for me if I sign the resignation letter;otherwise they would write termination in my experience letter and I would have problem finding another job.
The appointment letter clearly states that during my probation, the company can terminate my services any time without assigning any reasons to it.
what are my options apart from appealing to the global HR setup of the organisation?

Dear Madhulika,

Hope you're doing fine. Have you completed 240 days in the Organsation. If I assume your DOJ as 21/08/2012 you're still a probationer. Please provide more details such as your designation, role, total experience, salary on this job, work location and lastly when did they pay your last salary?

Pls provide above information to answer your query upto your satisfaction.

Warm regards,
Umesh Chaudhary
New Delhi, India  

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