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Employment Law/what my boss dose isnt right what can i do


hey this didnt seem right to me well alot of things my boss dose dosnt but i have been a with the store for 4 years and know that if i compline to much i will lose my job cuz thats how they work but i cant deal with this unless i know i have somthing to stand on ....
is it ok for my boss to pull me out of a bar when im playing pool with a friend to yell at me for just being there 3 min after i walked in the door?
also a week ago same boss yelled at me that if i didnt work off the clock i was going to get my hr's cut and i guess a costumer called in to complin about it for me? as soon as it went to my boss they pulled me into the office asking if i had a friend complin for me is this ok behiver?
also i was demoted and wasnt told about it until 8months after the fact? i was told i was doing a defint job cuz they fired alot of ppl and need help there i was happy to help but after a cupple months i started asking when i was going to be back to runing shifts cuz we had more ppl and they was done trining they just never got back to me or just wouldnt talk to me then 8 months later they told me that i was demoted 8months ago is this right?
had my job for long enoth that i know if i complin to much they will just fir me anything i can do to stop this stuff from happing with out them being able to fir me?

About the only thing you can do is talk to your HR representative if you have an HR department and wee if HR can help out. Other than that you would have to talk to company management. If neither of those helps you might just have to look for another job where you are treated better.


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