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I work at a hospital and a nurse manager has been "following" employees on facebook and making remarks about them liking status while on their break. People have been in the break room and liked a pic on facebook and the nurse manager will come into the break room and say things like "you dont need to like peoples pics on facebook while your at work". So she (nurse mang) is setting in her office ON FACEBOOK HERSELF and spying on employees. Is this not illegal and considered harrassment?


No, this is not illegal nor is it considered harassment.  Employers are perfectly free, as is anyone else, to view public postings on Facebook or any other Internet or social media site.  If employees don't want their bosses looking at their posts, then they need to make them private ("friends only" in Facebook jargon) and refrain from "friending" anyone they prefer not see their activity.

If the employer has a policy which prohibits social media usage while on company time, such a policy is also lawful and should be followed by all employees.  If there is no such policy, then the manager probably should not be monitoring what employees post, unless she has been asked to by her own supervisors.  But if the employer wants to have such a policy it should be clearly made known to all employees and consistently enforced.

Many states now have laws which prohibit employers from requiring employees to disclose their passwords or other private log-in information for the employees' personal web sites, e-mail or social media accounts.  According to my research there is no such law as yet in North Carolina, but even if there were, the advice above is still correct, assuming the employees are posting publicly or they have "friended" the boss.

I hope this is helpful to you.  

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