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Our payroll stubs are printed in our main office then are folded and stapled and the employee names hand written on the paper. There are random assistant managers that do this process. After this process the payroll stubs are given to another worker to bring them to the right departments. I feel there are too many people that have access to payroll stubs. Even though it has not been proven, it's known that one of the people that does this process likes to do it so they can see how much employees make and how many hours they work. I for one have personal information on my stub that I don't want just random people having access too. I guess my question is, is this a legal process? Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to provide to me.

If personal information such as the social security number or a personal address or phone number is on the stub than it is considered confidential information. Wage amounts are not considered confidential.

The correct method is for payroll to put the stubs in sealed envelopes and write the name on the outside of the envelope. If they are saving money by not using envelopes they could fold it over so all the information is inside and not viewable by anyone.

If this continues you should bring it to the attention of your HR manager and let her know that it is not okay with you and that if this is how the company wants to continue to hand out pay stubs you would like to have yours mailed to you and you will provide the postage stamp for them to do so.


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