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Hello Ms. McAllister,

I work for a logging company in western ky. i have been employeed by them for almost 4yrs. I was hired as a driver to transport logs from the woods to the local wood yards. my boss cuts the trees and prepares them for the transport.

At this time I am paid a salary base up to 10 loads hauled then extra for each load after that. Recently my boss decided to open his own saw mill this is a third company for which they operate and have seperate employees for.

However, due to recent rains and break downs we havent been able to get into the woods to gather logs so he has decided to have me work at the saw mill on the days i can not haul logs... this wasnt a posistion i had applied for or asked for it is beyond my physical capabilities.

I am a 48 yr old woman with athsma and can not handle the dust and heat. also my job duty is to pull boards and stack them into bundles they weigh around 40lbs a piece and you can stack upto 200+ boards per day. The employees that are regulars at the mill work on hourly pay.

My pay doesnt change. they work 10 hour shifts. i have tried to comply with his wishes but it has made me physically ill. to the point of vomiting and having to have breathing treatments. I have had to take sick days to recover and he acts as if this isnt his problem if i want a job then this is part of it. Do I have any rights here at all?

Do I have to work in a possition that i wasnt hired for? and am not physically able to due to keep my job? do i fall under exempt because of being a driver or non-exempt as being a production worker? I make less than the 23,600. Please if you have any information,or can help privide me with some advice it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you,


The only thing you could do is ask to be off without pay when there is no driving work. If you work for a company you cannot pick the job they give you to do when work is slow. You can quit and find a different job.  If you drive truck you should be able to find a good job driving for another company.


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