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My name is Glennis Smith. I was employed with a restaurant chain in 2002. My job title was server + server crew leader. My pay rate at time of hire was $3.50 hr + tips.  My pay rate at time of termination was $2.13 hr. I was terminated on June 12, 2013 and management refused to provide any reason for the termination.

I'm a white female in my early 6o's. I have no physical or mental disabilities. The restaurant chain was sold to another company earlier this year. The general manager a white male has made statements to me, other managers and employees stating "wants to get rid of old ones". To my knowledge there were 3 other females over 40 who were also terminated before me.

I'd never had any write ups, customer complaints, no unexcused absenteeism and no formal employee performance reviews. After the change in ownership the manager appointed another crew leader who is under 40 closer to mid 20's (white female) with no training. Training had been a previous requirement before becoming crew leader. The new crew leader is reported to be the general manager's "girlfriend".

The general manager informed both of us the company was longer paying the crew leader rate of $3.50. However, another manager and the newly appointed crew leader both acknowledged she was receiving the $3.50 hr rate While I was reduced to the rate of $2.13 hr still with job description of crew leader.

When the general manager learned I was inquiring about the difference in pay rate he informed the new crew leader, management and other employees of his intent to terminate me. He also in the presence of witnesses referred to me as "old bitch" and "floor whore".

I've been denied a written notice of separation. A former manager whom I worked with at another restaurant has offered me a position at the current store he is managing. I'm in the process of preparing an EEOC complaint. Any guidance on the most appropriate way to move forward is greatly appreciated.


Glennis this is definately age discrimination. Was anything ever said in an email or written communication? If not do you have witness's that will verifiy the statements made which were age discriminatory? You definately need to file a complaint with eeoc, however, you need proof of the statements if at all possible or it will become a he said , she said situation and difficult to prove. The point that others over 40 were let go is a good one. Can you contact those others and perhaps all 3 go to the DOL with a common complaint (class action)?

This is not right and it needs to be dealt with by the EEOC and Department of Labor.

Your complaint should address the age discriminatory remarks, the pay rate change for no reason, the termination and hiring of a younger person to take your job when you did nothing wrong. Also the retaliation against you by terminating you because you were asking questions, this is retaliation.


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