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My questions have to do with ADA. I have both epilepsy and long-standing psychiatric problems. I was hired at a prominent university a year and a half ago. Immediately, I could tell something was wrong- the environment was hostile and toxic.

For example, my previous manager shared my personal health information regarding my epilepsy and a recent dr visit with a co-worker. I found out months later when the co-worker told me.

I was hired onto the team at the absolute lowest position there is- and not given pay that meets the mid- yet I have the highest education (MPH from UNC) and 10 years of research experience. I am the only person on my team who is paid hourly. I have asked over and over and over for more responsibilities, for a raise, promotion etc and it all falls on deaf ears. The PI I work with desperately wants me to get a raise and she has talked to my current supervisor many times. My supervisor has given her a list of bizarre and mythical reasons as to why she won't promote me- "I disappear during the day"; "not professional"; "talk about personal life at work" and just today- "cry too much/am too tearful".

The last one is somewhat true. I do cry. I have an illness. But I dont cry all over the place. I typically cry when I'm in her office and she is berating me for one thing or another. I think back and she's made jokes in team meetings about me being emotional and at the time, I laughed. I am not ashamed. As long as no one is intentionally hurting me or demoralizing me, I dont really cry. (Unfortunately, she intentionally does both, a lot).

When I learned today that she was using that as a reason not to promote me- despite my work ethic, my proven success and initiative and the blessing of my PI, I began to worry. My dx is BPD and lability of mood is characteristic. Is she using my problem as a reason to keep me so low?

Advice would be great!

Thank you!

One thing for sure is that she has compromised the HIPAA regulations in giving your medical information out. You can certainly file a hipaa violation claim.

You need proof of any claim you make. You feel you have a hostile work environment and you are being kept from a promotion because of your medical condition you have the right to file with the Department of Labor EEOC department under the ADA.

To file a HIPAA claim go to this Health and Human services website and the Office of Civil Rights will investigate your complaint.


To file a complaint with ADA go to this Department of Justice website and fill the form out and mail, fax or email it back to them. They will investigate.


In the meantime you need to document ...date...time...person...what was said of every incident that happens at work. Keep all lthe documentation...emails...written, verbal on paper, write them down and keep in a file or notebook...off site.

If you have witness's to this write down their names as well even if they do not want to testify in a court they can be forced to testify by subpoena.

Go find an attorney that will give you a free consultation. Give him the facts and see what he says. Some will take a case on contingency. This means they get paid only if you get a settlement and they would get a percentage of the settlement.

Good luck with this it is not okay for you to be harrassed or discriminated against for an illness.


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