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Hi, I have a boss that is not titled to give us overtime and this current time. But I work in 2 different. Buildings and the hours very. I work overtime but she she is strict on not givi.g me overtime or anyone for that matter. I know I have worked more then 40hrs a week and I caught it this pay period and she has been cutting my hours down that I have worked or she will erase one of my payed 15 min breaks so it goes for a long period of time so that I lose hours if that makes sense. Just trying to figured out. How I can prove that she's doing that. They have cameras but not sure if they record weeks at a time. Pleas let me know thanks, Josh

Hi Joshua,

It is illegal not to pay overtime. This employer is stealing money from you in denying you time you have worked. This is a violation of the Fair labor Standards Act. What you should do is write down your time every day when you start, when you go to break, when you come back, when you go to lunch when you come back and when you go home for the day. Keep a log of this time in a small notebook. If your time is wrong than challenge it and if you are not paid the time you work take it to your HR person or whomever is the boss over your boss. If you still do not get paid the time you work than file a claim for unpaid time with the Department of Labor and a violation of the FLSA. You will need the logbook to prove the times you have worked.

There is also an app you can download on your I-phone from the Department of Labor where you can check in and out on your phone.
This is for the I-phone
They do not have it for the android yet.


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